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The idea that we have a life, as well as any thought we have about “our life”, these are fundamental errors of self identity.

Life is not thought and thought is not life.

Life is not a collection of events that happens to us.

We do not have a life. Life is not something we can possess. We are not, nor can we ever be, separate from life. There is no “I”, “me” or “you” that exists independently from life. We cannot be separated from what we are.

Consciousness is not a collection of thoughts and emotions. Consciousness is the vast, open, spacious condition in which everything, including thoughts and emotions arise.

What we are is pure consciousness and consciousness is life itself. As consciousness, we observe the continual unfolding of the unique expression of the life that we are.

But in the same way that there is no separate entity that life is happening to. There is no “you” , “me” or “I”possessing consciousness. There is no separate entity, no “I” being conscious. “We” are not conscious. There is no “I” or “we” prior to consciousness. Consciousness is our essential nature. It is what we are.

All is phenomenal in relation to the conscious being that we are.

The inner realm of thoughts and emotions that exists behind the eyes has the exact same status as the outer world of names and forms that is seen in front of the eyes. All is content, arising and appearing in conscious-awareness. All is observed by our core essence, everything becomes known in pure consciousness.

We are life itself. This is our true essence, out true nature. As consciousness and as life, we simply are.

We are only this.

Just this.


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