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Updated: Feb 7

Like clouds passing. . .

Absolutely everything that arises in consciousness, all perceptions, especially thoughts and emotions, are completely insubstantial, they are like clouds passing through the infinitely spacious, sky of the mind.

Everything that arises is constantly changing. Everything that comes, will go. Everything that is arising, appears in the infinite unchanging sky of awareness and then, like clouds, they pass.

The practice of meditation and self inquiry makes it possible to observe this impermanence of all things. Meditation allows us to observe that absolutely everything is constantly changing. Everything is arising and dissolving. Everything comes into being, is here for a while and then ceases to be.

This law of impermanence has only one exception. The one exception to this otherwise universal truth is the infinite sky in which everything arises, pure consciousness. This exception is the core essence of our being.

As consciousness, we alone are infinite, timeless and unchanging. We are eternally safe, a peaceful, gentle vastness. An open spaciousness. A silent stillness. This is our essence.

Just this.

Updated: Feb 7


It requires no effort to be yourself.

Our true nature is pure and effortless.

It requires no effort to be what we are.

Our true and natural self, pure being, simply is.

Our natural essence, as conscious-awareness, is not trying to be or do anything. It just is.

Conversely, it requires tremendous effort to be what we are not.

To create a personal egoic identity, to maintain the belief we are a separate self that is constantly wanting, resisting, protecting, rejecting, judging, planning, controlling, striving, defending, etc. requires a massive, and endless amount of efforting.

It is no wonder that our egoic self is so exhausted.

Simply rest in the effortlessness of your being.

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