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We are a spiritual community exploring both contemporary and ancient Buddhist teachings.  You are invited to accompany us as we explore the deepest truths of the human spirit. 


Spiritual awakening is simply the recognition of who and what we truly are.  It is the discovery of our essential essence, the discovery of our true nature. 

The Village Temple community follows the direct path to this awakening, as opposed to the more traditional progressive path.  The direct path is as ancient as Buddhism itself but was not widely shared until relatively recently.  This path is based on the premise that pure consciousness, our Buddha Nature, is always and already present within us.  It is here right now, available to be discovered in each and every moment.  Spiritual awakening, awakening to the discovery of self as pure being, is therefore possible right here, right now, in this moment.


With self-reflection and simple guidance, this spiritual journey leads to an awakening that reveals, experientially, the completely natural reality of who and what we truly are.  

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